Performing Arts Center of Kapolei

 "The Amazing Food Detective is a production  of Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Program"

5-2-1-0 Lets GO!

​The sleuth is on the case in the Amazing Food Detective – an interactive play investigating clues to healthy eating and physical activity that help young students understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. 

Developed in partnership with health experts, schools and health organizations, the Amazing Food Detective presents health messages that include the need to

5- fruits and veggies every day
2- hours or less front of the TV or computer.
1- hour physical activity
0- Sugary Drinks

The show duration is about  45 minutes to 1hour and 1 hour to set up & 30 minutes to take down.

Cost is free to anyone with the space and desire for us to come and perform.

Information and Booking
​Please call 808-479-5842
​Rachelle Amparo

The Amazing

Food Detective