"The Amazing Food Detective is a production  of Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Program"

​​Amazing Food Detective Song Lyrics

Follow this rule if you want to be a winner,
Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

One, to the Two, to the Three, Four, Five
Fruits and Veggies you got to have Five.

Computers, TVs if you want to stay lean, 
Two hours or less in front of the screen.

You can run, you can walk if you want you can groove, 

Sixty minutes or less no matter just move.

H, 2, O is the way to go, 
Sugary Drinks are a No, No, No.

5-2-1-0 Lets GO!

​The sleuth is on the case in the Amazing Food Detective – an interactive play investigating clues to healthy eating and physical activity that help young students understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. 

Developed in partnership with health experts, schools and health organizations, the Amazing Food Detective presents health messages that include the need to

5- fruits and veggies every day
2- hours or less front of the TV or computer.
1- hour physical activity
0- Sugary Drinks

The show duration is about  45 minutes to 1hour and 1 hour to set up & 30 minutes to take down.

Cost is free to anyone with the space and desire for us to come and perform.

For information and booking please fill out the form below and email to Rachelle Amparo

The Amazing

Food Detective

Performing Arts Center of Kapolei