JUNE (Thurs & Fri) 7th-29th:
3:30-4:45- Acro Tumbling
5:00-6:00- SnS (Stretch and Strengthening)
6:30-7:30- Beginner Ballet/Jazz
7:30-9:00- Multi-level Ballet/Lyrical

6:30-7:30- Beginner Tap/Hip Hop
7:30-9:00- Multi-level Breaking/Hip Hop

JULY (Mon, Thurs, & Fri) 16th-27th
3:30-4:30 Multi-level Ballet
4:30-6:00 Partnering

3:30-4:45- Acro Tumbling
5:00-6:00- SnS (Stretch and Strengthening)
6:30-7:30- Beginner Ballet/Jazz
7:30-9:00- Multi-level Ballet/Lyrical

6:30-7:30 Beginner Tap/Hip Hop
7:30-9:00 Multi-level Breaking/Hip Hop

In this class all ages, shapes, and sizes come together to learn about cooperation, communication, and balance. This class will not only allow the student to discover how to move in coordination, strength, and flexibility, but will also be given a chance to work with others in order to know how to contribute to multi-person stunts and tricks. This class will discuss anatomy, body placement/posture, and the basics of both Acro and tumbling. The student must know how to take direction and    work well with others.
The goal in this class is to increase flexibility and strength. There will be a lot of focus on core strength. This class is excellent for any student in any genre. Learn about your anatomy and how to use it in wisdom to take your training to the next level. The Student must know how to take direction and operate in resilience.
Beginner Ballet/Jazz=-This class will use numbers, letters, and other basic learning concepts to teach movements, balance, and flexibility. Ballet and Jazz terms will be partnered with visuals and phrases they can relate to from school or daily life at home and with Ohana. This class is low stress and will motivate them to participate and grow in confidence quickly. -Keiki tutus/princess dresses/ballet skirts are welcome!!!
Multi-level Ballet/Lyrical=
45min of Ballet to increase proper technique, turn out, and balance. 45min of Lyrical choreography to apply technique with musicality and emotion. This class will move at a steady pace and the student must already understand and know how to apply the basics of Ballet and Jazz.
Beginner Tap/Hip Hop=
This class opens up imagination and encourages experimentation. We will be working with beats, patterns, and levels. The first half of class educates the dancers in how to operate their tap shoes as musical instruments, testing balance and coordination. The second half gets their bodies bouncing and rolling to fun rhythms and beats motivating them to explore different ways to move their muscles.
Multi-level Breaking/Hip Hop=
This class teaches basic Breaking coordination and ventures into other styles of Hip Hop, using movement to stir creativity and stylized execution of choreography and free style to rhythm and beats. This class will educate the dancer how to isolate different body parts and have better muscle control in dancing in order to accomplish sharp and fluid motions. (Must have self-motivation and ability to move at your own pace. This is a multi-level class)
(ONLY OFFERED FOR 2 WEEKS) Multi-level Ballet=
This class is one full hour of Ballet technique barre and center. There will be focus on Adagio and Petit Allegro. This is for the dancer who is needing more than one ballet class a week and wants to push a little harder in accomplishing ballet goals. Students struggling in turn out and balance are suggested to attend this class. Our goal is to break bad habits and create strong Ballet muscle memory!
Calling all Gentlemen!!! This is the class you want to take to learn how to properly support/lift the ladies in Dance. Men if you have a partner in mind you want to work with, BRING THEM! If you just want the training/experience, come and you will work with multiple partners. Ladies come learn how to hold your bodies properly to be lifted! This class is intended to increase knowledge of how to operate with a partner and take responsibility for the roles played in multiple genres. We will cover Ballet, Acro, lyrical, and Salsa.

 All dance classes are being held at the Kapolei High School Dance room P4 Room is located on the far Diamond Head side of campus.... See map at bottom of this page.  

​​Thomas Olson's Dance Class

Summer Schedule 

​Starting May 15, 2018

Please email me with your contact information below and let me know you are coming.  

Tuesday Tap

4:30- 5:30PM (Beginner/ intermediate) 
Tap 4:30- 6:00PM-(Intermediate/Advance) 

Wednesday Jazz

5:30- 6:30PM (Beginner/intermediate)
Jazz 5:30- 7:00PM Intermediate/Advance) 

Both classes are combined... however the advanced kids will be asked to stay later and push them selves a little harder. 

$10 Per class or you may purchase a dance card for 6 classes at $50.  Your last class would be free! Drop-in's welcome.   

 Dance Classes 

Performing Arts Center of Kapolei