Performing Arts Center of Kapolei

PACKids is our top performing arts group. It is for those who love performing and want to pursue a career in performing arts. You do not need to join PACKids to be a part of our regular season shows. 

​PACKids consist of students from ages 7-17.  The group made up of kids from all over the island.

Spring of 2016 PACKids traveled to the National Performing Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida. The spent seven days competing, performing, taking many workshops hosted and taught by Disney experts and exploring all the Disney parks and Universal Studios. The kids took top honors and were awarded Superior Level in their competition, as well as many of our student took top honors in dance, singing, acting and even monologues. Prior to that, in 2014 the kids performed at Disneyland and California Adventure and took several workshops there.

​PACKids are under the musical direction of Layton Elika Santos, choreographer’s are Leslea White, Deanna Luster and Erin McFadden and our artistic directors are Rachelle Amparo and Meagan Olson. PACKids mets every Sunday from 1-5PM.  They work with many local experts on choreography and vocal arrangements. We also offer master classes on voice, improv, acting and dance.


We ask new students that would like to be members of PACKids to start off with our Jr Kidz.  The Jr. Kidz meet every Sunday between 1pm and 5PM in the KHS Forum or in the KHS Dance Room, P-4.  The Jr. Kidz will have class in general conditioning, dance and voice.  Not only will they be learning, but we will be evaluating their level, their attitude, their willing miss to try, and participation. Sometimes kids are just not ready and its okay!  They have to love to perform! It has to be the kids dream not the parents!   At the end or beginning of each quarter we evaluate the  Jr. Kidz to see which kids are ready to move up to PACKids. It will be the decision of the directors and teachers to move them up.  If they are ready they will start the following week with the PACKids.  Once a child reaches PACKids they will get a costume and be asked to perform.   If a child really loves to perform and strives to work hard we then may move them up to Company Kids. These kids are the ones that wish to continue performing as adults.  

 PACKids is a family and the only way it works for us is that we all work together.   We ask all our PARENTS to help with fundraising, sewing, set building, concession, selling name it! We need our parents! 

If your child is interested in being a part of our program please contact us today.   We are always excited to have new members.   

If you are interested in booking our kids for you event please contact us as well.

To see photos form past PACKids events and performance click on the photo button.