Performing Arts Center of Kapolei

Social Media Guidelines and Policies

Social Media Guidelines


The Performing Arts Center of Kapolei (PACK) recognizes the rights of students, volunteers, parents and teachers who want to participate in online social networking--but with these rights come responsibilities. We expect all PACK participants to set and maintain high ethical standards in their use of social networking and to recognize that conduct online needs to come with a sense of good will, honesty, and individual accountability. 

When accessing, creating, or contributing to any blogs, wikis, podcasts, or other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), PACK expects all program participants to keep the guidelines listed below in mind. While PACK has high expectations for all participants with regard to social media conduct, ultimately it is the responsibility of students and their parents and families, to hold themselves accountable for their words and behavior within a digital world.  However, should PACK performers and/or families violate any of the guidelines or policies, PACK reserves the right to suspend or expel the offender from PACK, and ban them from all future PACK activities.

PACK Social Media Policies for PACK Performers,  Students,  Parents, & Volunteers

Social media reaches audiences far beyond the limits of one’s own community.  PACK participants must use social sites responsibly and will be held accountable for their actions. If an individual sees anything of concern regarding a fellow PACK member’s social networking page or account, they should immediately contact and inform PACK, or their parents or an adult within the PACK community.

In the online environment, students must conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Think before you post. PACK asks students to use discretion when posting to the internet.

Do not post anything negative (whether implied or overt) about PACK, PACK volunteers, PACK staff, ​or PACK students.  We are a family, and a family should treat each other with the utmost respect, no matter the issue.

As a PACK participant, you should represent PACK and yourself in a positive and inspirational way.  No vulgar, demeaning, sexist, racist, hateful, or inappropriate (drugs, alcohol, etc) postings.

PACK reserves the right to request PACK-related images or content posted without the consent of PACK , be removed from the Internet.
Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else's identity.

Social media venues are public and information can be shared beyond your control. Be conscious of what you post online as you will leave a long-lasting impression on many different audiences.

Do not post or link anything (photos, videos, web pages, audio files, forums, groups, fan pages, etc.) to your social networking sites that you wouldn’t want friends, peers, parents, teachers, college admissions officers, or future employers to access. What you present on social networking forums represents you forever.

When responding to others, remember to be respectful and avoid comments that may be hurtful. Do not use profane, obscene, or threatening language.

Only accept invitations to share information from people you know. Utilize privacy settings to control access to your network, web pages, profile, posts, blogs, wikis, podcasts, digital media, forums, groups, fan pages, etc.

Online stalkers and identity thieves are a real threat. Never share personal information, including, but not limited to, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, exact birthdates, and pictures with parties you don’t know or on unsecure sites.

Users should keep their passwords secure and never share passwords with others. If someone tampers with your blog, email, or social networking account without you knowing about it, you could be held accountable.

Cyberbullying (as well as false accusations of cyberbullying) is considered an act of harassment and will result in an investigation by PACK and its Board of Directors.  Disciplinary actions will be taken as warranted—including the possibility of dismissal from PACK and a ban from all future PACK activities.

If you wish to promote a specific PACK activity or event, you may do so only by means of a link to the official PACK Facebook account, or sharing a pre-approved poster.